User Agreement (Revision Date: April of 2019)

1. General Provisions

  • This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) governs the relations between the Administration of website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) managed by Ltd, hereinafter referred to as Company, and the User.
  • The User shall be deemed any visitor of the Website
  • The Website is a property of Company
  • Provisions hereof may be amended, supplemented and/or removed at any time without giving a prior notice to the User
  • The User presence on the Website means that they accept this Agreement
  • It is the User’s sole responsibility to check any amendments hereto
  • The minimum age required to operate an account on the Website is 18 years

2. Terms and Definitions

  • Administration means the persons authorized by Company to manage the Website
  • User means any visitor of the Website
  • Content means any information placed on the Website i. e. text content, images, audio, video, and other files with any file extensions. The Content placed on the Website shall be deemed as public domain information

3. Subject of the Agreement

  • The Subject hereof is granting access to the Website Content and the services provided to the User through the Website
  • This Agreement covers all services of the Website
  • Access to the Website is provided free of charge. The User may use any paid services of the Website
  • This Agreement is a public offer. Gaining access to the Website means that the User accepts the offer.
  • The Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Russian Federation

4. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

4.1 The Website Administration is entitled to:
  • Make any amendments hereto. Any amendments shall come into force as soon as a new revision hereof is published on the Website
  • Make any changes to the Website Content
  • Limit and/or cease the User access to the Website should the terms and conditions hereof be violated
  • Change the rules of the use of specific services on the Website
  • Collect and/or change payment for services on the Website
  • Edit and/or delete the Website Content inappropriate to terms and conditions hereof or illegal, undesirable or harmful for Company or third parties.
  • If the User does not use the Website for more than one year or access to the Website for the User has been terminated, the Website Administration shall be entitled to delete the User’s account
4.2 The User shall be entitled to:
  • Gain access to the Website to be able to use it, upon registration
  • Use all paid and/or free services on the Website
  • Use the Website solely for the purpose and in accordance with the procedure set forth herein and not forbidden by the legislation of the Russian Federation, the European Union, and the international law
4.3 The Website User undertakes to:
  • Observe any property and non-property rights of authors and other right holders when using the Website
  • Not to take any actions that could break operation of the Website
  • Not to disclose and/or distribute any confidential information or information protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation on any natural or legal entities while using the Website
  • Avoid any actions which could result in breach of confidentiality of any information protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation, the European Union, and the international law
  • Not to use the Website for dissemination of any advertising information without the consent of the Website Administration
Not to use the Website services for:
  • Placement of any content which is illegal, violates any rights of the third parties, encourages violence, cruelty, hatred and/or discrimination on racial, national, gender, religious or social aspects, or contains any incorrect information and/or any insults
  • Rendering assistance to persons whose actions are aimed at committing a legal offence, or abetting to commit any illegal acts
  • Violation of rights of minors and/or causing harm to them in any form
  • Impairment of rights of minorities
  • Represent falsely oneself to be another natural person or a representative of a legal entity without sufficient rights for it
And also:
  • Not to publish any e-mail addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, links, and other contact information on the Website in public access
  • When using the Website, not to use any software intended for automation of the communication process, as well as other software which is not approved by the Website Administration, except for web browsers
4.4 The User is forbidden to:
  • Use devices, programs, procedures, algorithms and methods, automatic devices or equivalent manual instruments for access, acquisition, copying or monitoring the Website Content
  • Disturb operation of the Website
  • Bypass the Website navigation structure to obtain or try to obtain information, documents or materials by means which are not specially included in the Website services
  • Gain unauthorized access to the Website functions, other systems or networks relating to the Website, as well as to the services offered on the Website
  • Violate the security system or the authentication system on the Website or in the network relating to the Website
  • Carry out a backward search, track or try to track any information about another User of the Website
  • Post on the Website any links to other resources without the consent of the Website Administration
  • Use and process the information containing on the Website for illegal, dishonest or unethical purposes
  • Use the Website and the content thereof in illegal purposes or instigate any unlawful activity or other activity violating the rights of Company or any other persons
  • Transfer a password to your account to any other persons. The Website Administration advises you to change your password to your account from time to time for reducing any risk of password attack

5. Website Use

  • The User may use the Website for personal non-commercial purposes solely
  • The User shall have no right to assign their right to use the Website to any third parties without the consent of the Website Administration

6. Depositing Cash

  • Cash received from the User and any bonuses from the Website Administration and from other sources shall not be transferred to the User’s accounts at banks, payment systems, financial organizations or given as hard cash
  • The Website Administration shall not be liable for fulfilling tax obligations by the User. The User shall be independently obliged to fulfill their duties on payment of taxes and levies when required
  • The Website Administration shall not be liable for time of payments by banks, payment systems or other financial organizations
  • If cash has not been credited to the User’s account on the Website and there is no evidence of the Website Administration’s fault, the User shall independently solve the issues associated with cash crediting with banks, payment systems or other financial organizations as applicable
  • The Website Administration shall be entitled to set restrictions of both maximal and minimal amount of one-time purchases through the Website

7. Liability

No losses which the User can bear in the event of deliberate or careless violation hereof or due to unauthorized access to communications of another User shall be reimbursed by the Website Administration. The Website Administration shall not bear any liability for any loss of business contacts or reputation, loss of information or any other damage. The Website Administration shall not be liable for:
  • Actions and/or inaction of banks, payment service providers, financial organizations as well as for any operating delays thereof
  • Delays and/or failures in the process of a financial transaction, which arose owing to any force majeure as well as in the event of any malfunctions in telecommunication, computer, electric or other systems
  • Functioning of the Website if the User has no required technical means
The User shall bear responsibility for provision of safety of their account

8. Violation of the User Agreement Provisions

  • The Website Administration shall entitled to disclose the User-associated information if such disclosure is required due to an investigation or a complaint concerning the unauthorized use of the Website or for identification of the User who breaks or interferes with the rights of the Website Administration or other Website Users
  • The Website Administration shall have the right to disclose the User-associated information for implementation of provisions of the current legislation or this Agreement and for protection of rights or safety of Company or Users.
  • The Website Administration shall have the right to cease or limit access to the Website without notice to the User should the User violate any conditions hereof or other conditions of the Website use or in the event the Website operation is suspended or stopped for a technical reason.
  • The Website Administration shall not be liable to the User and any third parties for termination or restriction of access to the Website should the User violate the conditions hereof or other conditions of the use of the Website.

9. Settlement of Disputes

  • In the event of any disagreements or disputes between the parties hereto, submitting a written claim shall be obligatory
  • The claimee shall notify the claimant in writing of the claim review results, within 30 calendar days since receipt of the claim
  • Should the Parties fail to settle any dispute in an amicable way, either Party hereto shall be entitled to apply to court of the Russian Federation for protection of their rights

10. Additional Provisions

  • The Website Administration does not accept and consider any offers from the User concerning any amendments hereto
  • The User's feedback posted on the Web-site shall be not deemed the confidential information and may be used by the Website Administration without any restrictions
  • Using the Web-site, the User confirms that they have the necessary equipment, the software, and the possibility to use the Web-site, Internet access, as well as an e-mail address. Company does not bear responsibility for operation of the Web-site on the User's device
  • If the User is under 18 (eighteen) years old or does not accept this Agreement, they shall leave the Website immediately
  • The User uses the Web-site at their own risk. The risk of the use is that people can be not the persons that they claim to be and they can provide the inauthentic, false or illegal Content. The Website Administration has no opportunity to check the Content placed by other Users for reliability and credibility thereof. In the course of communication with other Users, it is recommended to be cautious. Using the Website, the User agrees with these terms and conditions and accepts the risks described above