Experience and levels

Why do I need experience and how do I get it?

To make interaction both entertaining and useful, we have implemented a system of experience and decided to award it to active users. By taking different actions, for example, sending gifts, using Spotlight, or purchasing Elite account, you automatically gain experience. Generally, every time when you spend gold on something, you gain experience proportionately the amount spent. Having gained enough experience, you are receiving a new level and get access to new features.
You don’t have to increase your level. However, when you do, you are getting access to new abilities, emotions, and gifts, which gives you much more convenient instruments for communication and makes you more visible compared to other users.
Some activities that will get you experience:
  • Adding your avatar to Spotlight – 300 of experience
  • Using animated emotions in videochat – from 25 to 100 of experience depending on the type
  • Buying Elite account – from 250 of experience (for a day) to 10,000 of experience (for a month)
  • Sending a gift – from 25 to 30,000 of experience depending on the price of the gift
  • A full collection of gifts – from 140 to 50,000 of experience depending on the collection

What opportunities do you get with a level?

When your level increases, you are getting:
  • Opportunity to send gifts of different kinds. Increase the level and you will get access to tens of beautiful, original, and unforgettable gifts for all occasions!
  • Unique abilities. Starting from level 1, you can influence other users and their streams. The abilities vary from the harmless ‘Accent’ to ‘Blind’ and ‘Silence’, which you can use to punish your enemy and stop them from watching any streams and writing in the chat. You can read more about the abilities in the section with the same name below
  • More animated emotions in videochat. Emotions allow you to express your attitude to the author of the stream in a fun way: toss flowers or throw a tomato at the streamer! All emotions are animated videos over the stream, which will never make you bored.