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Free videochat for users from all over the world

Life is changing: a lot of the usual activities are transferred online
Reducing contacts leads to a lack of communication, which is especially difficult for outgoing people.
What should you do? Videochat is coming to the rescue!
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In our club, you can

find friends from both Russia and abroad;
text in public chats and private messages;
initiate broadcast communication;
talk in a private room with the webcamera;
use mobile videochat;
send and receive colorful gifts, complete collections;
affect the conversation partner with the help of “abilities”;
unlock achievements that open up more opportunities;
participate in games, quests, and thematic evenings;
listen to the songs and performances of the radio presenters.

Chat for guests from all over the world

Forget about being alone! In the free videochat, you can meet interesting people, share news and impressions, and discuss events that concern you. Spend time together and have a heart-to-heart chat. Mobile video chat is very convenient; it allows you to always stay in touch, even when traveling or on business trips.
In our club, many people have found pen-pals, chatting with whom makes them forget about time. They text in public and personal chats and talk to each other via video. You can connect to an ongoing broadcast or create your session.
The chat hosts accept guests openly or by the password they set themselves. There are four participants in the video chat - the session’s initiator and three guests. Other visitors talk without a video connection. There are no time limits – chat as long as you want!

Unlimited online communication

The Internet blurs the boundaries between cities and countries, allowing you to get to know foreigners, as you can talk in broadcasts everywhere
Do you want to practice foreign languages? You have such a chance! Go to the “People around” section and choose a foreign conversation partner. One day, you and your virtual friends will be able to visit each other, but in the meantime, you can give a guided tour of your home or city. Video chat enabled on your phone will help you do this.
Online chat participants love to use a variety of “abilities.” You can purchase them for gold. What do they give? For example, you can play a joke on a friend: make them confuse letters when typing, add a funny accent to spoken words, take away their experience, or make them speechless.
But don’t worry: everyone has special “superpowers” available to protect them from the influence of harmful visitors. However, you cannot affect the one who has a higher level (except for “Adrenaline” level). So upgrade your account!
Gifts - amazing pictures for all occasions - will help you express your affection. The rose and tie are already available on the first level. With each level increase, the set of colorful gifts becomes more diverse.
Collections are made up of the received gifts. The higher the popularity of video chat participants, the more presents they receive. For the collections, the administration adds experience, rating, gives silver credits, and unique prizes.
Activity (lively video chats, filling out a questionnaire, repeatedly adding to the photoblog, daily visiting the site for a month) is encouraged by rewards: getting experience, rating, silver, or some kind of surprise. In any case, video chat will not leave you without honestly earned bonuses!
The video club has its radio, where the presenters work. They broadcast daily, even on holidays you can hear your favorite songs. There are games and theme nights, as well as a music request for chat users. Gold, silver, collections, and stickers are drawn in contests and lotteries. Life on the website is in full swing!
A special feature of our club’s video chat is the ability to connect to a large number of users and wide personal broadcast settings. You can set a password for connection to the video broadcast or block unwanted visitors. Take a moment to appreciate the convenience of the session format!
Quick registration via social networks is available. There is round-the-clock technical support for all users. You can use the website with free chat on any device, in all browsers and operating systems. Phone video chat is not inferior in connection quality to the computer or tablet version.